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Online Training Available

Stacy offers online classes via Facebook on a variety of topics. Each class is 8 weeks long. The lessons throughout these classes build on each other to create a rock solid foundation and strong skills. It is all comprehensive and completely consistent.

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Online Class Comments

  • This is an amazing class! Stacy is the best!
    Kristen Torkelson
  • Best training I’ve ever had. Stacy Leah Winkler is the real deal.
    Hildi Steuart
    Sarah Knight
  • Maya and I took this class last year and it was fantastic 😊
    Kathy Mocharnuk 
  • Best ever!!!  Highly recommend!!! Stacy is an excellent teacher!
    Every day, I see people (& especially their dogs!) who could benefit from this because it’s FUN!!! Too many of us, myself included, forget to make training & learning FUN!!
    Karin Guy
  • Stacy Winkler is the best!!! Awesome to see another online session! Don’t miss it!
    Erin  Welch